Client: Town of Mosman Park
Location: 4 Gibbon St, Mosman Park WA 6012
Dates: Dec, 2020
Outcomes: Public Space Nature Playground

The Town of Mosman Park invited NBP to tender on the design and construction of a Nature Playground at Gibbon Park. The existing site was a small grassed and mounded area with existing trees, and swing. Designing around the existing amenities the grassed area was transformed into a landscaped nature playground with a variety of nature play elements and experiences. These included rope balancing walk, cubby, giant, balancing logs and rocks.

Nature Play Elements:

Water Play: Carved Top Log
Balancing & Climbing: Timber Giant; Rock Scramble, Balancing log crossovers;
Rope Play: Rope Balance Walk, Loose Tail Ropes
Cubbies: Classic Cubbies, Exploring Channel
Basics: Ground Logs, Soft fall mulch, swales, Grass Hill

Commissioned: Design and Construct