Our philosophy at Nature Based Play is to provide quality designed Nature Spaces for communities that:

‘Reflect and enhance’

  • the natural environment

  • local community’s aspirations,

  • our Sustainability ethos in delivering projects.

The philosophy behind all Nature Based Play projects is simple: We believe people of all ages enjoy ‘being in’ and ‘playing in’ artfully designed and constructed, nature-based environments. Such environments encourage us to both interact with and manipulate the space, whilst stimulating and engaging our imagination and senses.
From initial design through to construction of the Nature Play Space, NBP collaborates with the local community ensuring their ideas and requests are integrated into the final design and created Nature Space. We ensure an ongoing relationship after completion, and facilitate connections with local community groups and members.
Where possible we will work with local artists, craftspeople, builders, and cultural figures in creating a nature-based play environments that grow out of a unique sense of place. To us here at NBP the collaborative process is as important as the final product, in it helps create local community ‘ownership’, interaction and enjoyment of their Nature Space.
Nature Play and Outdoor Learning is a pioneering movement, with hugely positive benefits to kids, schools and communities. These outcomes have been well documented through research globally, highlighting the many different benefits to kids’ wellbeing and learning opportunities. Nature Based Play is committed to ongoing research of Nature Play in Australia, and will be collaborating with recognised research teams to monitor and analyse benefits of the Nature Play Spaces we have constructed in schools and parks.