Nature Based Play is a design and construct business. Our work can be split into 3 distinct catagories.

1.       Nature Play Design & Construct for Clients
Innovative Design and Construction services focusing on delivering quality ‘organic’ Nature Play and Discovery spaces that provide unique and high play value Nature Play for children of all ages. Over 20yrs experience in this area.

2.      Specialised Collaborative Design & Construct with Landscape Industry
Working closely with the landscape architecture and construction industry to design and build specialised Nature Play Playgrounds and spaces for larger projects. Using our extensive experience and skills in Nature Play to enhance any landscape project.

3.      Integrated Nature Play Master Planning
Bringing together our varied skills and experience in Nature Play, Landscape and Environmental Design, and Sustainability to create a Masterplan that can bring together different nature play and landscape elements to create a holistic Nature Play, Discovery and Learning Landscape.


NATURE BASED PLAY provides services to a wide range of clients including schools, early learning centres, local councils, community groups, residential, landscape architects, plus urban and rural developers.


Nature Based Play is a design and construct business, with complimentary design and consulting services. We also pride ourselves on providing the opportunity for communities to engage with us in Community Collaborative Nature Play projects

Nature Play Design
and Construction

Each NBP project is uniquely designed to suit place and community. A focus of our work is to collaborate with communities in the designing and facilitating of their nature play environment.
All our projects are expertly built, utilising handcrafted techniques and landscaping experience to deliver the highest quality Nature Spaces.


Collaborative D&C with
Landscape Architects / Designers 

Working with other Landscape professionals to achieve specialised Nature Play Playgrounds and Nature Spaces for larger projects.
We bring our extensive experience and skills in Nature Play to the table and can help enhance any landscape project.


Integrated Nature Play
Master Planning

Holistic Project oversight allows Nature Play, Landscape Design, and Environmental Concepts, to permeate harmoniously through entire projects.
We can contribute our management skills and long term partnerships with likeminded professionals and consultants to oversee large projects.


Outdoor Learning

We can incorporate outdoor learning and cultural design elements into the Nature Based Play Space by creating spaces as outdoor classrooms, incorporating bush trails, local artwork, native plantings, geological forms, musical elements, and local cultural and historical pieces.


Loose Parts Play

There are recognised benefits of children playing with loose materials, including promoting active inclusive and cooperative play, free creativity and invention, encouraging playground harmony and childhood development.


Play Elements 

Our playgrounds are made using a variety of bespoke handcrafted Nature Based Play Elements, crafted and finished in our workshop, using sustainably sourced timber.