Jan Eichhorst
Managing Director | Project Coordination

My childhood years growing up in Germany were spent hanging out in tree houses and raiding our veggie garden. Eventually I completed my Diploma of Design and left Germany to experience the beauty of New Zealand, meet my future wife, and then onto Perth WA. Perth is now home for my young family and myself.

Before becoming a partner and one of the Directors of Nature Based Play I ran my own successful landscape business but once I was offered the opportunity to be involved in the creation of natural and artistic play spaces for children there was no turning back. Being a father with young children I can see first hand the joy children have when playing in natural places and how important it is to their overall wellbeing.

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Angus Moore
Director | Design Lead

I grew up in South Fremantle. Living back in the same area now, it is clear to see the dwindling number of natural spaces accessible to children. Few of my favourite childhood spots remain intact, most having been cleared for urban infill. It is incredibly rewarding to be part of a team creating new, beautiful natural spaces which spark the imaginations of children.
I met Terry in 2014 while I was studying Architecture, he invited me to assist him with the construction of Russell Brown Adventure Park in Mosman Park. Learning the principals of nature play from him firsthand was hugely influential on me. During the rest of my studies I was able to assist with the documentation of nature play projects and to join the NBP construction team on several projects, including the Yuendumu Family Centre in the central desert.
When I finished studying, joining NBP as part of the design team seemed like an obvious choice. I really enjoy that we can see each project through entirety, from initial concept and material sourcing right through to completion and handover back to the client.
I stepped up as a Director of NBP at the beginning of 2020, and while it has been a steep learning curve with a range of challenges I didn’t expect, it has also been very fulfilling. I am extremely proud of the work we do, and I look forward to what we can do in the future.

Terry Farrell
Founder | Design Lead | Architect

I grew up in the coastal sand plains of Perth and spent my childhood years playing amongst the local swamps and bush land and then down at the beach. I realize now that those early experiences established within me a deep love and connection to nature. I’ve grown to appreciate the way nature teaches us.

I am a registered architect and have enjoyed a career working with local communities and talented artists in the creation of a variety of projects. My passion for nature based play was developed over 20 years ago working with and learning from nature play pioneer and artist Berndt Kaiser. The more I work in this field the more I experience the benefits of it for all those involved.

Monica Wendt
Office Manager 

Growing up in country Victoria, my childhood was largely spent outside playing until dark and on the weekends camping and fishing on the Murray River with my Dad.
Now having 3 children myself, I am noticing the opportunities for outdoor natural play have dwindled significantly. Children seem to have more pressure from all directions and less time to just be kids – to be unscheduled, to explore, to be physically active in an unstructured environment and to enjoy and respect nature. 
Nature Based Play challenges our idea of the modern playground aesthetic of steel and plastic, instead focusing on natural features, recycled timbers and other repurposed materials where possible. I love the strong philosophy behind Nature Based Play and how each project is considered with care to create unique and inspiring environments. The more time I spend in these spaces, the more I realise that adults need nature spaces too.

Jan Muggleton

Keith Morton
Creative Consultant

Keith’s passion is the great southern forests of WA. He has a glorious bushland home in the remote Walpole region where he spends many hours walking in the deep forest just enjoying the natural elements. Keith is one of only a few pioneers of nature based play in WA, with projects that stretch back over 20 years. Keith is also an artist in his own right and has completed large projects such as the Kwoorabup Park in Denmark. Keith brings his artistic insights, his love and skill for timber work and detailed construction knowledge to our projects.

Sean Quayle
Construction Supervisor | Nature Play Construction

Cormac Kelsh
Timber Artist | Nature Play Construction

I’m a young father of an adventurous 11yr old boy, and have been a professional artist for the last eight years in the sacred craft of tattooing. Previously I also worked making beautiful natural timber furniture for a Fremantle based company. Combining these skills and craving a more natural work environment, I was lucky enough to find a job opportunity at Nature Based Play.

I truly enjoy working with the beauty and flow of earth formed art, the sculptural elements of working with timbers and making peaceful and fun oases in an urban environment. Seeing the change we create in the landscape and the children is very rewarding to me.

Kenneth Wallam
Nature Play Construction

Jovi Zamarca
Nature Play Construction

Ryan Tamaki
Nature Play Construction

Jason Snook
Factory Manager | Nature Play Construction