NBP is committed to embedding Sustainability into our core business and providing products and services that contribute positively to local communities. We have an in-house qualified Sustainability Manager who sets out our policies and oversees our Sustainability initiatives and ongoing performance.

Our main Sustainability Objectives are:


Collaborative Design and delivery process

Nature Based Play prides itself on working collaboratively with clients and the local community. An inclusive process allows for the Nature Based Play design to be reflective of the local site and community needs, whilst providing community ‘ownership’ of the constructed Nature Space. 
Collaboration and partnerships are very important to NBP, as the process of developing these Nature Scape projects is fundamental in delivering quality products and outcomes for the client and local community.


Community Benefits

The Nature Based Play spaces we create bring many benefits to the local community and the kids (and carers) that enjoy them. As a business, we support local communities through providing in-kind and collaborative support to their projects, helping them to realise their vision of Nature Play for their community.
Research into Outdoor Nature Play and Learning has shown many benefits to kids’ overall wellbeing when enjoying these quality designed spaces. Because of these benefits there is a definite movement into providing more of these quality natures play spaces into local communities and schools. Plus, the kids just love them!!!!

We like to think our Nature Based Play Spaces are “NICE” places for kids to enjoy and explore:

Created using natural timbers, features, forms, reflecting the natural environment.
Designs encourage and enable kids to play and co-operate together.
Provide free flowing play spaces to explore, imagine and shape.
Allow for subtle learning of the natural environment, and their own capabilities.

NBPs proven quality designs, with the use of natural materials, educational and learning elements can and do improve:
  • Kids Wellbeing

  • Interactive Social Skills

  • Positive Risk Taking

  • Kids confidence and capabilities

  • Kids Creativity and Educational learning skills

  • Respect and knowledge of the Natural Environment

  • Respect and knowledge for Aboriginal Culture (with Aboriginal Design elements)

  • Improved mood and happiness

Nature Based Play has received a lot of positive feedback from our completed projects on the benefits to the kids and community:

…kids love spending time out there. The creative play that takes place is amazing and beautiful to watch…
..The Adventure Landscape has been a huge and immediate success. It’s been fantastic to see how quickly the place has embedded itself into the community..
..The result- an excellent addition to our community facilities , for enjoyment by all ages for years to come…
..There were lots of dare devils jumping from place to place, skipping using the huge rope, balancing, climbing and general fun to be had…


Environmentally Responsible

Nature Based Play as a business aims very high in sourcing environmentally friendly materials and resources for our Nature Scape Designs, and in the construction and manufacture process.

Nature Based Play Materials

We specify materials for our designs that are locally sourced, renewable, natural, recycled and reusable. This allows us as a business to reduce carbon emissions and resource use, reduce waste to landfill and support biodiversity.
Sustainable Timbers: 
We ensure our timber and logs only come from sustainable sources, including reusing otherwise discarded logs, and harvesting from the Forest Commission selecting timbers that would not otherwise be utilized for normal timber production. We select and source trees and logs that are earmarked for mulching, landfill, or burning, saving the logs as a natural resource and capturing carbon. 
Local Materials: 
Buying local always goes a long way in reducing environmental impacts on the community, and supporting local communities. We source locally for all our landscaping materials, using renewable products where possible. 
Recycled and Reusable Materials: 
Much of our construction materials are from reused or recycled materials, such as salvaged ropes, tyres, steel and discarded timber and rocks –repurposed for use in our projects.
Mulch – comes from timber mill waste – not raw timber
Rocks – where possible from local clearing
Rope – all our large rope is sourced locally from reused shipping rope from Fremantle Wharf
Tyres – large wharf ‘slick’ tyres covered in artificial turf.
Sand – sourced from earthworks locally where possible.
Plastics – hard plastics used as edging are from re-used materials earmarked for landfill


Sourcing local and native species for all our designs, which helps encourage local fauna such as birds.

Nature Based Play Construction and Manufacturing

During construction and manufacture we have infrastructure and processes in place to reduce our environmental impacts.
Renewable Energy: Solar Power 
Our factory in O’Connor is equipped with a 6.2kW solar panel system, that allows us to produce our own energy, using a minimal amount of electricity from the grid. Up to 75% of our electricity usage is provided by renewable energy.
Waste Efficiency: Sorting and recycling waste
We collect and reuse most of our timber offcuts and milling waste for smaller timber Loose Play parts, reconstituted ground surface, and mulch. Other wastes such as artificial turf/rope offcuts are recycled for reuse on other projects or in the factory.
Water Efficiency: Water reduction
Onsite we use water sparingly, only when absolutely required for construction, and in the factory, clean down items with compressed air instead of water where possible. Vehicles are cleaned at car washes with reused water.
Low Toxic finishes
All the timber finishes we use are non/low toxic, whilst being durable to the elements. This is good for the environment, and the children playing on the finished timbers.


Quality Design and Innovative Research

For NBP high quality and innovative design is paramount to our business. We produce quality projects, using handcrafted techniques, that meet and exceed regulatory requirements for Nature Playgrounds.
Our Nature Spaces are innovative, founded on ongoing research and analysis to maximise outdoor play and learning benefits to the community, and ensure continual improvement of our business, products and services.
NBP is committed to conducting ongoing research into the benefits of the Nature Based Play, to analyse and report on kids’ wellbeing outcomes, and overall benefits to the local community and schools of our Nature Scapes.
As part of our ongoing relationships with clients and projects we initiate research into measuring the benefits to children utilising and enjoying the Nature Spaces that we design. We are currently looking to work with UWA and private research groups into childhood wellbeing through the provision of Nature Playgrounds facilities.
We also provide a flexible and safe work environment for our employees, with a WHS management system in place and a supportive work environment for our employees.