The Beehive Montessori Primary School approached Nature Based Play to resurrect their former “Woodhenge” Play Fort they had previously at the school. The challenge was to stay true to the original design, whilst providing extra challenges and giving it an organic nature play twist.

 The result was a multi combination Nature Play Fort with different play elements within it, in a unique Nature Based style. The many elements of fort structure, balancing, climbing, shelters, rope, and imaginative play were incorporated to give the kids a variety of risks, challenges and experiences within the Play Fort.

 The final Woodhenge Play Fort is an impressive and beautiful play structure, in keeping with the original concept and organic style Nature Play.

Nature Play Elements:  

Active Play: ‘Woodhenge’ Play Fort; Balancing Log Bridge
Rope Play: Rope Ladder Bridge;
Shelters: Under fort cubby space
Outdoor Furniture: Decking area
Basics: Steppers; Ramp log; timber ladder
Landscaping: Sand