NBP was asked by Southern Grove Primary School to complete a Nature Playground Master Plan for their new public school, including a large sandpit enclosed area, specially designed as a Loose Parts Nature Playground space.

The design was based on larger (playground scale) timber, artistic and upcycled loose parts, which created a basic playground structure, with different loose play items which can be manipulated and reconstructed by the kids. This concept allows the nature playground to be enjoyed and reinvented by the kids themselves every day, supporting interactive and imaginative play.

After the initial installation the Loose Parts Playground has become a dynamic space for the students together to reconfigure daily, creating new cubbies, shelters, tunnels, imaginary items, climbing towers, water play, balancing challenges and rope fun. It will only be limited to the kid’s imagination. The Loose Parts ‘Playground’ has already been totally recreated after only a few weeks, from the initial ‘adult’ installation, with feedback

“Nature Based Play communicated very well with our own ideas, and their ideas, for the Loose Parts playground concept, providing quality products for our school. It’s the best money we’ve spent, and provides good play value for the students, who are totally engaged every day in the space.”

Rebecca Burns, Principal, Southern Grove Primary