Client:       Peel Youth Service
Location:  432 Lakes Road, Greenfields, WA
Dates:        Oct, 2020
Outcome:  Nature Playground

Peel Youth Service came to Nature Based Play to design and construct a Nature Playground for their outdoor creche area. Situated in a lovely bush wetland area the final nature playspace integrated well with the surrounding area and existing play equipment and trees to provide a variety of Nature Play elements for the carers and children.

The result was a variety of play experiences, including water play, cubbies, musical and sensory items, in a natural landscaped outdoor nature play area.

Nature Play Elements:  

Water Play: Carved Water Rock Mound, Carved Top Water Logs
Sensory: Music Wall, Mushroom Bell Seat, Timber Drum
Artistic: Special Carved Timber Pelican Totem
Active Play: Fort and Slide, Bike path
Hideaways: Cubby Bones Frame, Cubby building sticks, Cubby Shelter Kitchen
Imaginary Play: Mud Kitchen, Fairy Bridge
Sitting & Balancing: Ground Logs, Balancing Logs, Ground Logs, Steppers
Landscaping Elements: Soft Fall Mulch, sand