Client: Programmed/Aubin Grove Primary School
Location: 85 Camden Blvd, Aubin Grove WA 6164
Dates: April, 2021
Outcomes: Nature Playground

NBP was approached by the City of Canning to design and construct a Nature Based Playground for Judy Pannell Park, as part of their Playground Renewal Project, reflecting community focus on more nature, inclusive and accessible play.

Located within the treed area of the park, the design includes different nature play elements integrated together to create a free flowing playspace, of sitting, exploring, climbing and balancing challenges, as well as a basket swing and artistic carving.

The natural look and feel of the nature play elements integrated well with the existing park’s natural settings, and adjacent Canning River Regional Park.

Nature Play Elements:

Active Play: Balance Rope Walk, Timber Basket Swing, Balance Logs and Rocks
Climbing: Balance Log scramble, Rock Mound
Landscaping: Ground Logs and Rocks, Soft Fall Mulch, Verticals, Steppers
Artworks: Vertical Carvings

Commissioned: Design and Construct

Client Testimonial

“It was a pleasure working with NBP staff and seeing Judy Pannell Park come to life, and thank you for taking the time to add the special carving.”
Shaun Sprunt, Landscape Construction Officer, City of canning