Client:              Carmel Adventist College
Location:         18 First Avenue, Bickley WA 6076
Dates:              Mar, 2020
Outcome:         Nature Playground

Carmel Adventist College Primary approached Nature Based Play to do a design and construction of a new nature playground for an existing sand pit area at the school, as our organic style of Nature Play was a good fit for their school and natural location.

A design was completed in collaboration with the school, which once built transformed the existing sandpit into a nature play wonderland. Included was a central tumble-down cubby fort, water play timber troughs and carved rocks, with a maze of balancing logs, steppers and rocks. Also included was a loose parts cubby area and snakehead rope play for the kids to create their own nature play, and a small sitting nook. The final nature playground provided a diverse array of different play opportunities and experiences for the children to explore and enjoy.

Nature Play Elements:

Hideaways: Lean-to Cubby
Climbing: Tumble Down Cubby Fort, allowing for climbing and themed play
Balancing & Sitting: Ground Rocks and Logs and Steppers
Sensory: Talking Pipes, Sitting Nook
Water Play: Timber troughs, carved water rocks (connected to mains)
Loose Parts: Cubby Frame and building sticks, snakehead rope play