UWA Research – PLAYCE study

Nature Based Play has teamed up with the UWA PLAYCE research team to explore the effects of nature play areas in ELC’s. Currently 3 of our projects, Little Learners (Sep 2017), St Hilda’s ELC (Feb 2018), and Goodstart East Perth (2018) are part of this study.

The research looks at which features of the ELC environment promote or discourage physical activity in pre-school aged children. They measure the children’s activity ‘before and after’ the installation of Nature Playgrounds in the centres.

We are also looking to do future research with UWA. Determining the benefits to children’s wellbeing and learning, when they have access to our Nature Playgrounds at their school or ELC.

Nature Based Play is focussed on creating Nature Spaces that contribute greatly to children’s wellbeing and their learning outcomes. Our “Designing for kids” and “best-practice design” philosophy is supported by this research. This helps ensuring that our designs provide great natural spaces for kids to enjoy, play and learn in.