Location: Annie St, Beaconsfield, WA

Commissioned: Design and Construct

Nature Play Elements: Balancing ropes and tyres, balancing logs, steppers

Description: Winterfold Primary School approached Nature Based Play to create a Nature Playground around their existing slide and play area. Working with the school P&C Nature Play Committee the design was created in collaboration with the school to maximise the slope of the site and provide challenging play activities for the kids.

NBP also revitalised a small area nearby, under established trees, as an outdoor classroom area with sitting logs.

The Playground was opened in Feb, by the Mayor of Fremantle with Labour Fremantle sitting MP Simone McGurk community and affectionately named “The Woodlands” by the Winterfold students.

“I was on duty at recess and it was fantastic watching the kids get so excited that the Nature playground is available to play on. Some of the words I heard from the kids included ‘awesome’, ‘epic’, ‘bestest’, ‘gansta’ and ‘not great but something even better than great!’ There were lots of dare devils jumping from place to place, skipping using the huge rope, balancing, climbing and general fun to be had. “
– Sonia O’Dea, Year 5 & 6 Teacher Winterfold PS