Client:       Mater Christi Catholic PS
Location:  340 Yangebup Rd, Yangebup, WA
Dates:        Nov, 2019
Outcome:  Landscaped Nature Playground

Mater Christi Catholic School compiled a brief for a fully dedicated Nature Play area for their school, and presented it to different companies to come up with a Nature Playground concept design for them. Nature Based Play was selected based on the organic style of Nature Play we build and the nature play value we were able to provide in the design.

After a collaborative design process with the school, the final design was commission and built by NBP over five weeks in a lovely setting with a bush backdrop. Within the space many different types of Nature Play elements were incorporated providing a mix of physical, balancing, sensory and creative play elements. The final result was a beautifully landscaped space, with a variety of play opportunities and experiences for the school students to enjoy, play together in, and learn from.

Nature Play Elements:

Climbing and Balancing, water features & hideaways
Water feature: Carved Water logs, Carved water rocks & timber trough into sandpit
Hideaways: Cubby Bones – cubby frame that the kids can add to, to create their own cubby spaces
Climbing: Mini Monkey Bars and rope ladder to Fort
Forts: Tumble Down Fort with climbing, hideaway and thematic play features
Balancing: Tangled Log Nest and Tangled Rope Nest

“The playground is outstanding and the children love it. Please thank the whole team, they were great to work with and so professional.”
– Toni Kalat, Principal