Location: 19 Finch St, Manjimup, WA

Commissioned: Design and Construct; Community Participation

Nature Play Elements: Water play, water rocks and ‘river’, upright logs, balancing logs, sitting logs, carved feature logs, large rocks, tyres and rope play, cubby logs

Description: The Manjimup School Nature Playground was an interesting project, set in rural setting requiring the NBP team to travel and stay in Manjimup for the week’s construction. Some of the Nature Play items were pre-manufactured in the workshop before transport, and many materials were sourced from the local area.

It was a collaborative project with the local community, bringing in local design ideas and materials. A well-defined large flat site, the design was made around existing trees creating an activated winter stream totally transforming the area into a wonderful nature-scape.

The school community contributed to the construction of the Nature Based Playground through providing many materials and equipment, such as fallen logs and large rocks, which were installed and finished by the NBP team. The school community also contributed through busy bee towards the end of construction.