Part 1: Nature Based Play was asked by our past client Endeavour schools to make some additions to their existing Discovery Playscape, by the way of a unique music wall, musical drum, cubby rope play area and Cultural learning area.

Working within the existing landscape and buildings, NBP designed a music wall to stimulate the kids experience whilst also adding to the aesthetics of the area, created from natural and upcycled metal materials and items. The unique cubby structure and landscaping, along with ground logs and rocks brought together a great space for play and outdoor learning

Part 2: A unique enhanced cultural area was established within the Nature Playscape to support cultural learning experiences for the school. Within the outdoor learning area, a six seasons table was created which allows the kids to create their own artwork, based on an indigenous six seasons crafted template. This allows for ongoing creation and learning of cultural values and symbolic indigenous representation.

“Dear Terry and your wonderful team at Nature Based Play,

I’d like to sincerely thank you on behalf of all the students at Endeavour Schools for the amazing Playscape you have created at our school.  You have no idea how much your work has impacted upon the students’ engagement in nature based play, their creativity, social skills and learning about the world they live in. 

Your custom design for the area is well designed for all students including those with disability.  The components of the design flow into each other to allow for children to move between the zones in order to discover and explore within a safe and stimulating environment.  You listened to us talk about what our students need and incorporated our specific needs into the design for the area all the while making us feel that nothing was too much trouble or was unable to be achieved.

If you come to our Schools on any school day you will find children of all ages interacting within the Discovery Playscape using their leisure time in a well-designed and functioning environment.  We are able to offer “open” sessions for our parents and our community where others get to utilise the area for a variety of purposes. 

This nature playground will continue to be a focal point for our Schools into the future thanks to your skills in turning a vision into a reality and for which we all can’t thank you enough.”

Jayne Gorbould

Principal- Endeavour Schools (ESC)