Outdoor Learning in schools and local communities is being encouraged by Government and communities in general, as a positive educational and learning experience for kids. It’s important to get kids into the outdoor environment as much as possible and utilising any Nature Space for outdoor learning provides added opportunities for schools and communities beyond play experiences.
Here at NBP we support Outdoor Learning in many ways through providing:

Outdoor ‘classrooms’ in our designs

Cultural and learning elements within the Nature Space design

Loose Parts Play equipment and services

The outdoor classroom.

Outdoor Learning Design

As part of our Design service we can incorporate Outdoor Learning and Cultural Design elements into the Nature Based Play Space. This could be in the form of creating spaces as outdoor classrooms, to incorporating bush trails, local artwork, native plantings, geological forms, musical elements, and local cultural and historical pieces. These elements work together to make the Nature Based Play Space a wonderful learning and educational environment also.
NBP can also include more formal natural outdoor learning items such as:
  • outdoor blackboard
  • sitting logs and seating
  • outdoor kitchens
  • outdoor tables

Aboriginal Cultural Learning

Aboriginal culture is a central part of our heritage, and NBP spaces provide an opportunity to create an outdoor learning environment for kids to share and gain knowledge on Aboriginal Culture.
NBP collaborates with local Aboriginal Communities to design traditional Aboriginal cultural elements into the Nature Based Play Space, providing a ‘cultural place’ for the community and kids to interact and connect with local Aboriginal Culture.
There is also funding support provided through the Dept. of Indigenous affairs, allocating PALS grants to projects that support reconciliation and education of Aboriginal culture within schools and communities. NBP is happy to provide information on this also.

Loose Parts Play

An integral part of the Nature Play experience is having loose parts play, which enhances opportunity for creative and imaginative play and outdoor learning.
NBP supports LPP through supplying Nature Based Loose Parts and providing educational incursions to schools and communities, facilitating kids and teachers in Loose Parts Play and Fun