In response to smaller projects, NBP has developed the Nature PlayPODs. A nature inspired modular design and construction system allows NBP spaces to be created simply and quickly on any site, incorporating natural timber and handcrafted nature play pieces (PlaySEEDs), combined to create a beautifully natural landscaped Play Space.
We design, supply and install:

Nature PlayPODS

Selection of predesigned PlayPODs

Starter Kits PlayPODS

Designed for self-install

Nature PlaySEEDS

Different nature play pieces

Inspired by Nature.

Supply and Install

Our Nature PlayPODs are pre-designed and manufactured in the workshop using handcrafted nature pieces (PlaySEEDs). Each Nature PlayPOD has essential elements that interact to create an effective Nature Play Space, including educational and artistic elements, with different combinations to create designs to fit the space.
NBP can install the Nature PlayPODs quickly and efficiently onsite for the client. Nature Play PODs are ideal for smaller budget and remote projects, along with temporary display and residential sites.

Supply and Deliver

We can also supply and deliver ‘Starter kits’ Nature PlayPODs, which have smaller and manageable sized elements for self-installation by the client. They can be easily assembled onsite, to establish a Nature Play Space, with finishing landscaping such as sand and mulch provided by the client.

Quality Check

Nature PlayPODs allow the customer to get a quality built Nature Space meeting Australian Standards, within their budget, with the client doing as much or as little as they want in the installation and landscaping process. NBP can also oversee installation and final check of quality and safety issues if required.


Costs range from $2000 – $20000 depending on size and installation construction requirements.
Wandoo POD – Smaller sized with 3 smaller PlaySEEDs
Sheoak POD – Medium sized with 3-4 main PlaySEEDs
Jarrah POD – Larger sized with 5 main PlaySEEDs


We also supply individual elements (Nature PlaySEEDs) for sale direct to public and other businesses. (See Play Elements Supply)